Top Tips for Recruiting Top Candidates

Attracting highly skilled and qualified people to your business can be a challenge, especially in a competitive marketplace, or when you’re looking for people with unique abilities in a niche area. To be successful, and reach the most qualified prospects, you may need to take a new approach to your recruitment strategy. Read on to learn how to create compelling materials to attract the most qualified candidates.

Make a Plan

An effective recruitment strategy will be multifaceted. To recruit your team, your objective should be to focus on the myriad benefits of working for your company. Employees are more and more interested in corporate culture, opportunities for professional development and advancement, and a diverse environment. According to SHRM, people also appreciate working for companies that are good corporate stewards and have a good reputation in the industry. The more your outward-facing materials demonstrate these factors, the more appealing your company will be to top prospects.

Offer More Than the Competition

Research your competitors and find out what salaries, perks, and benefits they’re offering employees and include yours in recruitment materials. This will help you stand out if you meet or exceed what’s considered “standard” or competitive in your industry. According to Robert Half, many employees say they value a work-life balance, so promoting the fact that you’re open to remote or hybrid working schedules can be attractive. Other things prospects find appealing include tuition reimbursement, technology allowance, company vehicle, generous vacation time, and reduced-price products or services. 

Write Detailed Job Descriptions 

Accurate job descriptions are always a wise idea, but they’re even more beneficial when they’re written from a recruiting standpoint. Use engaging language that speaks not only to the day-to-day aspects of the job but the big picture elements of the role. Focus on intangibles as well as specifics. For example, “Opportunity to lead an award-winning team of skilled designers to the next level of creativity,” or, “Chance to significantly impact societal change that has the potential to change human lives for the better.”  

Maximize Your Outreach

To get the widest possible reach, recruit in numerous venues and track where you have the most success. Advertise on social media, online job boards, industry associations, and through your company website. If you’re looking for entry-level staffers, and don’t want to review numerous resumes on your own, a staffing agency can help. You can also ask for referrals from trusted colleagues, and if you’re looking to retain a high-level executive, consider utilizing an executive recruitment firm. One that specializes in your industry will have far-ranging contacts, and prospects will be vetted before review.

Recruit From Within

While many companies promote from within – another point to emphasize in your recruitment materials – you can also leverage your current employee connections when it comes to reaching prospects.  Ask staffers to refer openings to colleagues in other companies who are looking for new opportunities. Having someone you trust vouch for another’s work ability can be reassuring, and you may open the door to candidates who aren’t even looking for a job, but might consider making a move if the right opportunity presents itself.

Grow From Within

Make a commitment to invest in your existing employees, as a professional development and retention tool. Job shadowing, mentoring, cross-training, and leadership opportunities can all make employees feel good about their jobs. Employee recognition programs, competitive salaries, and opportunities for advancement can all reduce attrition, which helps you save on recruiting, and ensures institutional knowledge stays put. It also serves as a motivator for other staffers.

Recruiting high-quality candidates takes time and effort. Plan your strategy in advance and create compelling materials that demonstrate your wealth of offerings. This will help you establish your company as a great place to work and grow a long-term career.

Photo by Pixabay